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Raw Brownies


If you are chocohoilc like me, I think you will love these. I am currently eating some as I type this.

These raw brownies are dairy free, gluten free, paleo and vegan! High in fibre, protein and calcium. Also with vitamin A and iron and traces of other minerals depending on where the nuts are grown.

These brownies will give you a great energy boost!

As these do contain a small amount of caffeine perhaps not recommened for young children, or to be eaten near bed time.

This recipe serves about 8


200 grams of dates (about half a packet)

2 tablespoons of ground almonds

2 tablespoons of cashew nuts

1 table spoon of cocoa

1 tablespoon of brewed coffee (the liquid not the grounds)

1 teaspoon agave

A pinch of mineral salt

They are quick and easy to make just stick all ingredients into a blender and blend until firm.

Place on a dish or plate pat down with your hands and that's it!

I cool mine down in the freezer just to help them set.


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