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To book a consultation the client must read, understand and agree to the following;


Patient’s agreement for Nutritionist and Natural Therapist Lucy Edwards;


To the best of my knowledge I "the client" have given an accurate health history.

Everything discussed in this consultation is confidential.

I “the client” understand I can stop the treatment/management plan at anytime.

I “the client” understand there are limitations of what my Nutritionist and Natural therapist can treat therefore is not a replacement for my General Practitioner or other specialised health provider.

I "the client" know it is up to me to do the work to get the desired results.

If I “the client” have any undesired and unexpected side effects I will contact Lucy Edwards “the practitioner” and stop treatment immediately.

If for some reason my Nutritionist and Natural therapist feels my life to be in immediate risk she has my permission to contact or refer me to the appropriate health provider.

If the client behaves in a way which is abusive to the practitioner e.g. sexualising or threatening, the practitioner has the right to immediately end the consultation and money will not be refunded to the client.


For children under 18 years old, their parent or guardian will agree on the child's behalf.

Cancellation policy

1. Please do not attend a face to face consultation if you are sick with flu like symptoms, covid symptoms or vomiting and diarrhoea. If you are unable to make it to an appointment please give as much time as possible. You must give at least 2 hours notice to not be penalised. 


2. No refund will be given to missed appointments, instead you may reschedule the appointment. 

If the practitioner is unable to make the agreed appointment they will let the client know as soon as possible and reschedule to a later date.


3. Please pay online before your appointment unless previously discussed and agreed upon. 

Online consultations

1.Clients must pay before 1st consultation unless otherwise agreed upon. Payments can be arranged if both parties agree in writing.

2. Follow up appointments will be booked on mutual availability. If either party needs to cancel, the appointment can be rescheduled in the time frame of the package deal or up to 2 weeks after if both parties are available. Clients must give at least 2 hours notice to cancel their appointment, otherwise you may be charged to take an additional one.

3. Because the practitioner is unable to take take blood pressure, weight etc  for online consultations it is the responsibility of the client to monitor these, and it is also recommended the client see a their GP before starting this or any health other programme. 

4. Results may vary. The practitioner will work to the best of their knowledge with the information provided by the client to help them reach their goals. Both parties need to be open and honest and realistic to achieve the best results they can.

5. If there is a technical issue with Zoom and the consultation is cut short etc another mutual appointment will be made with no additional charge.

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