We offer a range of online and in person workshops and Wellness Retreats including our most popular workshops listed below. In person workshops are seated with a run time for each is approximately 2 hours. Lucy presents an easy to follow and very informative slide show which you are welcome to take notes. There are lots of opportunities to ask questions and gain a deeper knowledge. Lucy also makes them fun by adding in quizzes with prizes (normally dairy free chocolate). We also provide organic herbal teas specifically chosen to match the subject as well as other healthy treats and samples.  Private workshops are available on request with a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 10.

Plant Based Diets

**Most popular workshop**

Thinking of moving towards a plant based diet but have no idea how? Can vegan even get protein? Are you already a vegetarian but just want a tune up and some extra tips to be stronger and healthier?

There is a lot of confusion in the media about can a plant based diet be healthy. Lucy will help you understand science and healing properties of food. She will show you how to make better choices when eating giving you more energy and vitality as well as debunking common myths about Vegan and Vegetarianism.


Fasting Diets

Want to loose weight, improve brain function and extend your life? Learn the health benefits of fasting,  the 3 main types of fasting and which type of fast would work best for you. You will also learn where many people go wrong and how when fasting is done incorrectly can actually cause damage to your body and health.


Home Herbal Medicine

Did you know your garden and kitchen is possibly full of basic herbal medicine you can use for you and your family?
Learn 20 different common herbs and their healing properties, including reducing inflammation, treating digestive issues, improving the immune system. Most of these herbs you probably have in your own kitchen or  growing in your backyard!


Eating for Beauty

What does beauty mean to you? Learn which vitamins, minerals and foods will make you look and feel younger. Learn simple tricks and biohacks on how to prevent aging, prevent and treat hair loss, grey hair, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.Learn how to look slimmer and make your skin glow. Sample some dark chocolate and learn how it can help prevent your skin from aging!


Winter Wellness

Do you often get run down and sick during winter? Do you want to take charge of you health and stay healthy even in the cold?


In this relaxing afternoon workshop you to learn about some of the foods and herbs for you and your family to have during these cold winter months to keep you healthy and well.

Try samples of some popular products that may boost your immune system.


Eating for Exercise

Learn how to make the most of your work out by eating the right food. The snack to have before a work out, what to have after and Recognising common deficiencies and how to correct them. You will also learn which products to choose to maximise your fat loss and muscle tone, as well as which products may just be a waste of your money!