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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a nutritionist? 

Anyone! From just a check in and tune up, to weight loss, to those with chronic health conditions, to athletes, to new mothers,  anyone can benefit from a nutritionist.

Do I need a doctor's referal?

No. While many clients are referred from GP's, you do not need a referral to see a nutritionist.

Is there any science behind this?

Yes. Nutrition is all science. While some natural therapies are not yet validated by science, I only practice ones which have multiple peer reviewed studies or are traditional and evidence based. 

Will you ask about personal information such as bowel movements?

Yes. While I will do my very best to ask questions you are comfortable answering, certain questions like asking you to describe your bowel movements can help me to understand many things about your digestive health.

How often will I need to see a nurtitionist?

It's up to you and your nutritionist. Some clients like to come weekly for a weigh in, others only want and need to once a year. 

Can I bring a friend/parent/spouse/child with me?

Yes, of course. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Bringing more than 2 support people may get squishy in my clinic room though. 

Can you guarantee I will get the results I want?

While most clients health improves dramatically the short answer is no. I will give you all the tools and guidance but it is up to you to do the work, follow the plan and change your habits to get the results you desire.

I have cancer. Will this be safe for me?

Depending on the type of cancer and severity, yes a nutritionist can help you alleviate some side effects and improve your health. However it is out of my scope of practice to treat the cancer itself or be your primary health care provider. Please check with your GP or other health specialist if a Nutritionist or natural therapies might be appropriate for you.

I have a few different issues both health and not, how do I choose which service I need?

Both Nutrition and life coaching can cross over, however there is usually a main issue and this will determine which service you require. You are welcome to email and ask and I can suggest which would work best for your situation, or book in a free 15 intro.

Will a nutritionist help me loose weight and/or belly fat?

Yes! As well as many other benefits.

Can a nutritionist write a meal plan for me?

Yes. Though these usually an additional cost of $200 or more depending on what you both decide on would work best for you.

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