Chocolate Strawberries

This is such a super easy, delicious and nutritious recipe. A perfect light dessert for summer and the overindulgent Christmas season.

Both strawberries and dark chocolate are high in antioxidants meaning they protect your cells from free radical damage; including protecting your skin from UV damage. Yes this recipe can actually help slow down aging! Strawberries are also high in vitamin C and K, as well as fibre and folic acid. The chocolate contains iron, which when eaten with the vitamin C in the strawberries will be easily for your body to absorb. What are you waiting for?


1 punnet of strawberries (250 grams)

1/2 a table spoon of coconut oil

1/2 a block of Whittaker's 50% Dark chocolate


-Set out a non-stick tray or grease proof paper on a dinner plate.

-Wash and dry strawberries leave on the leaves.

-Melt coconut oil and dark chocolate in a bain marie until completely melted, or even a microwave on medium heat for about 1 minute. Stir regularly to avoid lumps. (It may take a little longer depending on your microwave)

-When chocolate is all melted and smooth hold the leave and dip in the strawberry covering them to the desired amount.

-Set on the paper and refrigerate at least an hour before serving.

You could also add raw nuts, and/or bananas for variety.


Want to learn more about more foods than can slow down aging? Request an "Eating for Beauty" workshop in the contact section.

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