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Supercharge your journey to success by tapping into Lucy's wealth of knowledge and expertise gained over a remarkable 19-year career as a Nutritionist and Natural Therapist. This transformative course is not just a game-changer; it's a money-saver, sparing you from potential financial pitfalls, a multitude of errors, and the unnecessary stress that comes with trial and error.

In an industry where many businesses falter within the first 2 years, Lucy's insights go beyond the conventional teachings of most Natural Health Colleges. This is not your average business guidance; this is a strategic roadmap crafted by someone who understands the real-world challenges and opportunities.


Picture this: You wil receive 6 x one-on-one 1 hour online sessions tailored coaching experience that unravels the intricacies of defining and achieving your goals, devising effective strategies, and diving deep into the realms of marketing, budgeting, mindset, overcoming obstacles, and diversification. It's not just theory; it's a hands-on, results-driven approach that sets you up for success.

Don't just dream of success; let Lucy guide you through the concrete steps needed to turn those dreams into reality. Each session is not just a conversation; it's an investment in your future, filled with personalized support and real-world accountability. Get ready to elevate your game and make your mark in the world of Natural Health with Lucy by your side.


On purchase you will be emailed a receipt. Then you will need to email to book in your first session. Payment plans are avaliable on request. 

Here's what some people are saying;

"I went to Lucy for help with starting a Natural Therapies Business. I walked away from my first session with a bunch of great ideas I had never thought about before. I now have a plan to work through, which I'm very excited about. Thanks for your help Lucy". -Shona R. 


"Changing careers in my 50's, I was clueless about the intricate world of managing the business side of being a Massage Therapist. Lucy became my guiding light, helping with marketing ideas, attracting new clients, and introducing diverse strategies into a profitable endeavour. Her insights not only opened my eyes but also paved the way for more success"- Anne P.​

Wellness Business Coaching

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