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Natural Therapies

LOA/AYS Life Coach

Life coaching helps to empower you to achieve your goals and set a more positive outlook. 

NLP Practitioner

Neurolinguistic programming can help you to take control over your own thoughts and behaviours, to create a better life and version of your self.

Herbal Medicine

Plant based medicine is an alternative to some pharmaceutical drugs, with little or no side effects. It can be a better option for mild to moderate health conditions. Or just as temporary support.

Nutrition influences everything part of your health, wellbeing and mood.


We offer nutrition specific for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and conditions, including:

-Allergies, asthma, constipation, diabetes,  eczema, energy levels, fertility, gout, weight loss/gain, skin problems, sleep issues, emotional and mental health and many more.


And of course optimising health, to be the best version of yourself. 




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