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Lucy is a qualified Nutritionist, Natural Therapist and Health Coach with more than 15 years experience. She is also an author of 'The Grumbles' a children's book about having a positive mindset. 


Lucy draws from her wealth of knowledge to work with clients from all walks of life and in many different and unique circumstances, offering health advice based on the needs of each individual. Lucy understands that every body is different, and takes a comprehensive approach to her personal consultations based on factors such as diet, lifestyle and health history/conditions. 


Lucy is also available to provide Workshops, both in person and online, on a range of health-related topics. She will tailor these to suit the participants and the topics they are most interested in or concerned about, such as popular diet and exercise trends and the research around these, or information regarding Health and Nutrition in general.

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

Upcoming Events

Plant Based Diets Saturday the 19th June 1.30pm

Thinking of moving towards a plant based diet but have no idea how to start? Can a plant based diet be healthy? How do you get protein? 


Lucy will help you understand science and healing properties of food. She will show you how to make better choices when eating giving you more energy and vitality as well as debunking common myths about Vegan and Vegetarianism.

Enjoy this relaxing afternoon workshop. Learn, have fun and drink some herbal teas!

Tickets $30

at enSoul Yoga + Wellness 

Level 1 345 Kapiti Road

Winter Wellness Saturday the 17th July 2pm

Do you often get run down and sick during winter? Do you want to take charge of you health and stay healthy even in the cold?


Join Lucy at this relaxing afternoon workshop to learn about some of the foods and herbs for you and your family to have during these cold winter months to keep you healthy and well.

Tickets $30

at enSoul Yoga + Wellness 

Level 1 345 Kapiti Road

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Workshops and consultations are at

enSoul Yoga + Wellness Level 1-345 Kapiti Road

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