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Healthy Mini Cheesecakes

Delicious, nutritious and really easy to make!

Less than 200kcals per cheesecake, the average small slice of a ordinary cheesecake is about 400kcals.

Low in saturated fat, low in sugar and high in protein.These also contain omega 3, B vitamins and essential minerals.

One day I was cleaning out my pantry and I came across a random old packet of ginger nuts. Since it’s not really something my family would eat, and I dont like to waste things I improvised this cheesecake recipe which have now become a regular house hold favourite.

You can vary the indredients depending on your preferences. Because I am chocolate fiend I made a chocolate topping.

Ingredients (for a batch of 6 )


- 6 x ginger nuts


-1/2 cup of unsweetened probiotic yoghurt

- 2 x tables spoons of cottage cheese

- 2 x tabespoons of coconut sugar

- 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

- juice of 1 lemon


- 1 x table spoon of hot water

-1 x table spoon of coconut oil

- 1 x table spoon of cocoa

-2 x tables spoons of coconut sugar


Place ginger nuts at the bottom or a dish (i used small jars or ramekins)

Mix filling ingredients together in a bowl and spoon on to the ginger nut base. It will overflow which is a good thing, we want the ginger nuts to soak.

In another small bowl melt coconut oil so it is a liquid add coconut sugar ,cocoa and water. stir together until a smooth liquid. Spoon this on top.

Place in the fridge overnight for the ginger nut to get soft and the topping to set.

Serve with fresh fruit of your choice.

I'm sure you will enjoy these and their health benefits as much as my family do.

xo Lucy

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