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Want to lose weight, be healthy, have more energy and learn to love your self?
Have you tried many fad diets but still gain weight and feel uncomfortable about how you look?

You are not alone. Most people who try even the most popular diets may see results in the short term but, quickly put the weight back on. Join Lucy for this FREE interactive talk to learn the reasons why most diets fail as well as some tips on how to get long lasting results. 

In Person Events

All events are held at enSoul Yoga + Wellness, level 1, 345 Kapiti Road. There is ample parking.

Tickets are $30 or 2 for $50, or come to up to 5 events for $100.
Events generally last about an hour and a half, it is recommend to bring a pen to take notes and water bottle in case you need a drink.

Herbal teas and sometimes food samples and tasting will be provided.


Past Events

You can request any of the following workshops for a private group.

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Eating for Beauty

Feb 20th 1.30pm

Enjoy this relaxing afternoon workshop while learning how what you eat can help you to look and feel younger, healthier and more beautiful.

Learn some of Lucy's favourite tricks and biohacks that you can easily try yourself. 

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Eating for Anxiety

March 20th 1.30pm


Living in these uncertain times stress and anxiety have become the norm. In this workshop you will learn about how what you eat can effect the way your body deals with stress and anxiety. You will learn some simple eating tips that can have a significant impact to your health.

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Eating for Exercise

April 17th 1.30pm


Learn how to make the most of your work out by eating the right food. Recognising common deficiencies and how to correct them.

There will also be some delicious samples!

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Home Herbal Medicine

May 15th 1.30pm

Did you know your garden and kitchen is possibly full of basic herbal medicine you can use for you and your family?
Enjoy this relaxing afternoon with Lucy teaching you some healing properties of herbs you probably have in your own kitchen or backyard!

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